Beaulieu The National Motor Museum

Beaulieu The National Motor Museum

Beaulieu The National Motor Museum

It was first founded in 2012. There are 300 vehicles in the collection, and the Conservation Workshop is always working on a number of vehicles. The Education Department, Library of Motoring, the Sound and Film Archive and the Beaulieu Experience, showing the evolution of the motor car and celebrating its 1986 centenary are all splendid. Veteran cars, sports cars, racing cars, motor cycles, commercial vehicles, vintage and post-vintage cars, a Hall of Fame and array of the World's Land Speed Record cars; pioneers, record breakers, winners and losers, are all gathered in the museum, all superbly displayed. Now, as the motor car approaches its centenary in 1986, a new project is added. A series of dramatic displays, which recreate the hundred years of evolution and development of the motor car, will be viewed from moving 'pods' which will be capable of turning through 360� and will each have a commentary and sound track integrated wi the-4iplays which they are passing such as the early mass-production lines, the modern automated assembly lines, the heart-stopping thrill of a Grand Prix car at speed, the roar of the crowd and the smell of the pits.

Bucklers Hard

There were once plans to make this into a seaport and shipbuilding centre to rival Southampton and Lymington but it all came to naught though the village still built ships. The history is well traced in the Maritime Museum, Open All Year. Ships of the line were built on the water's edge in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, mainly by the Adams family, who were among the best of all the Hampshire shipbuilders; the most famous perhaps is the Agamemnon which they launched in 1781 and was commanded by Nelson.

Down by the river you can walk along the bank among lapwings, redshanks and other wildfowl, and through fields and copses to end up in the village. There are boat trips aboard the Swiftsure which operates from Easter to September.

Brighton Places To See

British Rail News 2015

These rights and privileges were resented by some of 'The Town' who rebelled against 'The Gown' and many of those rights were eventually abandoned.

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