About Us

About Us

About Us

I don't drive

I don't want to, and have found I don't have to - in fact, I find being out of the car offers me a far better and richer experience.

I encounter interesting people, take in more sights, and get agreater feel of the countryside I am travelling through.

It is true that going by train usually will take longer, and it can be frustrating when my travel plans are dependent on the reliability of others.

However, I have learned not to hurry, and to do what most motorists can not - I make my plans, then relax and ENJOY my journey.

Not only are they cheaper, trains are routed through some of the most spectacular and most beautiful countryside this country has to offer.

I have put this website together out of a real passion for visiting places in Great Britain by train. I hope to show how easy it can be, how pleasant it can be and how to go about it.

In this day and age of rising petrol prices, congested motorways and roads, and the horrendous damge cars are causing the environment, I hope that this site encourages you to consider train travel as a real, and happy alternative.

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British Rail News 2015

These rights and privileges were resented by some of 'The Town' who rebelled against 'The Gown' and many of those rights were eventually abandoned.

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